4 jotunheim
Jotunheim (Realm of the Jotun) is a rugged and snowy world at the 'edge of the earth'. It is the sixth in the spectrum of the nine worlds in Norse Mythology and borders to Manneheim and Svartalfheim.

The violent Jotun make their home here, although one can also encounter other creatures and humans.

Jotunheim's landscape mostly consists of wintery, cold and rocky highlands and mountain ranges, but also has deep pine forests and lakes. It's a very harsh place to live, but the tough-skinned Jotun thrive here.

One of the roots of Yggdrasil also emerge here, and at its end lies the mythical Mimes Wellspring, its water bestowing great wisdom upon those that get the chance to drink from it.

The Jotun also have a great and important keep, Utgard, which is well protected and surely a sight to behold.